Nearly Complete

As you can see, machine is virtually back together. I had to change the brake spring as I found damage on the old one. Will be setting it on the stand and testing over the weekend.

The picture on the right are tools which I found to be helpful. Starting left to right, the first is half of a Passap tool with the hook part on the end. This was good for positioning the washers over the screws. I found I could hook them into position when

they are placed over screws on the bottom row when the machine is upended. The thing is when the machine is in this position the screws are very difficult to both see and to get at, also with the machine in this position, the screws have a tendency of o drop out while you are trying to attach the washers and nuts. The second item is a small flashlight and the third item is a special Passap tool which is the correct size to tighten the nuts and is long enough for to easily reach them. The yellow tool is really good, it comes from my days of building computers and has proved really useful here. It has three prongs at the bottom which grip when the top is pressed. A washer placed in the prongs is gripped and can be placed correctly to drop over the screw. Lastly is a piece of polystyrene. I used this to hold the screws in place so they don’t drop out while I drop the washers and nuts in place, this piece is big enough to allow me to place two screws at a time. As soon as I placed the screws, I held the polystyrene in place as I rested the machine on it, so I can get the best angle to wo known the nuts and washers.


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